Instant | Accessible | Secure

Confidential Records Stay Confidential! Configurable User Privileges

Welcome to “Practice at a Glance”. Cutting edge security for all your client data, accessible at any time from anywhere in the world with a wireless Internet connection.

Read, write to, modify or create all your records and case management files ‘on the fly’ in real time through your smart phone or tablet.

Protected by 256-bit encryption (which is what banks use to protect records), you never need worry about losing or exposing critical records or data ever again.


Flexible. Infinitely Configurable System.

The entire system is infinitely configurable, and virtually instant searches for any required information can be initiated easily. Simply type in your client’s name and you have access to every note, conversation, treatment detail, appointment (including history), or contact detail associated with that individual.

Need to Add a New Client While You're Out?

Going to see a new client? No problem. New records can be added at a stroke, with no prospect of getting lost or mislaid, and no need to laboriously write everything out again when you return to the office. In fact you could argue that with this system you will never need an office again. Or a secretary. Or a filing cabinet.

Smart Phone, Tablet (Android or iPad), or Laptop

All you need. No requirement for software installation or complicated procedures. Whichever device you usually use to stay in touch gives you easy connection to everything through Wi-Fi.

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