Clean, Easy to Use Dashboard

The Case Safe dashboard is your control centre for the system. With quick access features, and a simple, easy to use navigation system, everything can be achieved within just a few clicks.


We know how important security is, particularly when handling sensitive client information. Our two-step verification process ensures that all of your records are kept safe and secure.


As busy professionals, you need to be able to access your files on the go. Case Safe is designed to be compatible on your PC, mobile and tablet devices, so you can take your office with you, wherever you are.

Client Records

With the ability to store full client records, session notes and other important files, you can reduce the need for paper filing systems. All of your records are stored neatly in files for easy access when you need them.


To help save time, Case Safe allows you to develop templates for letters and other commonly used files. Once setup, the system will automatically fill in your client’s name and other relevant details, so you can simply download for printing or emailing.


When you’re self-employed or required to keep track of your expenses, it can be easy to misplace receipts. With case safe, you can log all of your hours worked and expenses, and then download these in Excel format to help with your accounting processes.


To keep track of your CPD, Case Safe comes with a built-in CPD log to help you track the number of CPD hours logged, activities, and add relevant documents which you can then download for audit purposes.

Diary Management

Easily keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule with the built-in calendar and notification tool. Add details of your schedule, and receive an email at the end of each week with your schedule for the coming week.


Keep emails together and logged against our client records through the built-in mail system. Send session confirmations and other secure messages, which are then stored in the client’s records to help you keep a chronology of activity.

Multiple Users

Working as part of a team? Setup multiple users, each with their own secure login and permissions.

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